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House Movers in Abu Dhabi

House Movers in Abu Dhabi

Organizing a house move can be stressful and we know that every item plays a role in your home. With custom floor plans, our team of commercial movers will tag and color-code your house so they can pack everything efficiently. Our team will also transport, unload and rearrange your furniture, valuable items, chairs, computers, and other equipment however you like.

We can pack your whole house, a few boxes, or your most valuable items. Our packing methods and the high-quality packing materials we use are matched specifically to each of your items.

Royal Movers and Packing Abu Dhabi services eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed by the endless number of tasks involved while moving homes. From packing items to moving them and unpacking everything in your new house, the process involves following challenging steps.

How do We work?

  • Initial consultation - The moving and relocation of your house is starting with the free-of-charge initial consultation. Our team understands your requirements and curates a customized plan for your needs.
  • Site survey- Afterwards, we do a site survey process, where we identify the belongings that need to be moved. This helps us in offering a quotation and planning the number and size of boxes and padding material required.
  • Dismantling, Packing, & Moving - Our team will dismantle all your bulky furniture and items, and pack and move them safely, assuring you the peace of mind that you truly deserve. Each item will be carefully packed in our well-padded boxes and transported in our insulated moving trucks.
  • Unpacking & Reassembling - We don`t just dismantle, pack and shift your belongings but also ensure to unpack and reassemble them in your new location. From bulky furniture to antiques and handicrafts, we cover it all.

Ten great reasons for choosing Royal Movers and Packers Abu Dhabi

  1. 24/7 Customer Support - The only moving company in the Abu Dhabi area and UAE that offers any day and time high-quality moving services.
  2. Guaranteed Pricing - As an industry-leading moving company, we provide you with one guaranteed price with no hidden fees, based on what you are moving and the distance you're traveling. We maintain a quoted accuracy of over 99% from the estimate to the final cost.
  3. Professionally Trained Movers - Our weekly and monthly training programs ensure that our Abu Dhabi movers know the ins and outs of moving. We are proud of our training and educational process and programs.
  4. Last Minute Moves - We need to move urgently, and our last-minute moving service will save the day. We will get you to your new address asap!
  5. Timely Delivery, Pickup, and Drop-Off - We have a thorough planning process and an unmatched commitment to timely delivery. With Long Distance moves, we offer guaranteed delivery dates to make sure your move is completed safely and efficiently.
  6. Local Knowledge - Our 3 years of experience as professional Abu Dhabi movers mean that we know all the local parking rules, traffic patterns, and building regulations in the city, allowing us to deliver superior service every time.
  7. Expert Packing Services - Our expertise and specialized approach to packing ensures the safe transport of your belongings throughout your move.
  8. High-Quality Packing Supplies - We only use top-tier blankets and materials to protect your furniture and double-layered boxes to provide extra protection and prevent any possible damage to your items.
  9. In-House Carpentry - We build custom wood crates to protect and transport your fragile and valuable items including fine art, antiques, and chandeliers.
  10. Valuable Item Packing - Your valuable furniture pieces, antiques, and artwork will be safely handled with great care. We will build custom crates for your items, wrap them with durable packing material and ensure the appropriate lifting resources.

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